Richter is celebrating over 35 years of producing some of Australia’s most awarded Loudspeakers so, 2022 just seemed to be the right time to deploy, Special Edition Black.

Special Edition Black are the next level models to the successful Series 6 Range, finished in a new high-quality all over Matte Black finish. These new Special Edition models use a new more efficient and more sensitive 25mm soft dome Tweeter working with our next level high power 6 ½ SE drivers with larger voice coils housed in a rigid alloy basket driven with dual magnets, all working through a new Xover design combining to deliver the next level in Richter performance. The Series 6 Special Edition Black or S6SE Black is here to continue the Richter core value of delivering an exciting and engaging entertainment experience! So, after more than 25 years since the last model Excalibur, comes the new Excalibur S6SE Black.

Also new in the S6SE Black line up comes the Wizard S6SE Black, taking advantage of the success and foundation laid with the Wizard S6 but taking performance to another level with the same new 25mm soft dome tweeter and high power 6 ½ “SE Mid-Bass drivers and working through a new Cross over design.

S6SE Black is focused on delivering another level of Richter performance for today’s customers looking for an exciting engaging entertainment experience in either a 2 channel or Home Theatre system.

The Excalibur S6SE Black and Wizard S6SE Black will be available midway thought the second half of 2022 with a RRP $5,699 for the Excalibur S6SE and $3,699 for the Wizard S6SE and both will only be available in a Matte Black finish.