The WAKE Digital Alarm Clock Radio will compliment your style and its easy-to-use functions are designed for simplicity, making it one of the best on the market.


This modern stylish DAB+ Radio boasts an optional FM Tuner with Large Easy-to-read Colour Display.


Enjoy the latest DAB+ Radio experience anywhere you like.  From the comfort of your bedroom, in your kitchen / studio or even outdoors at the park. We have a radio of you. Some models even include traditional AM/FM frequencies for when you are not in a DAB+ area.  So if you in the market for more radio stations, better sound quality and more information on what you’re listening to, if you’re looking to buy the latest radio, check our our range below.

Sunrise Digital Clock Radio


A Digital Radio let you access the latest DAB+ signals transmitted by both traditional Radio Stations and new DAB+ Radio stations.  These digital signals offer you more choice, better sound and more information on what you are listening to.

DAB+ Radio is what digital TV is to Analogue TV and offers:

  • More radio stations and sub-stations
  • Static free transmissions
  • Track and station information
  • Simple tuning and station presets

Richter is proud to be pioneering this digital revolution with a range of radios and alarm clock radios which leverage this great technology.


All of our radios have been designed with you in mind. Featuring tangible, clear and simple buttons to set-up your radio and to switch between functions and to manage your individual settings.

Our easy to follow instruction booklets make operations including tuning and storing your favourite stations a breeze.

Richter Pocket Portable Digital Radio


Take your favourite radio stations on the go with the Richter compact Portable Pocket Radio. Features built-in speaker and comes with stereo headphones for personal listening.

Features telescopic antennae and up to 20 pre-set stations to make it easy to find your favourite station. Plus approx. 9 hours battery time using speaker and approx. 12 hours using headphones.


You’ll be spoilt for choice with a new DAB+ Radio from Richter.  Because DAB+ Radio provides many more stations than traditional FM radio.

Find a station that will take you back to yesteryear with clear classical sound, maybe to enjoy classic hits,  and get moving with hard rock tracks,  or maybe select a station with tranquil tunes to let you relax.  No matter where your mood takes you, you’ll be able to find a station that suits you with DAB+ Radio.

For a full list of the current DAB+ stations in your area visit the DAB+ website

Wake Digital Radio Review

We’ve spent a few weeks with the Wake bedside Digital Radio Alarm Clock, and it pretty much gets everything right, from the compact footprint ideal for bedside use to its twin alarms, big snooze button, and a handy high-current USB charging socket on the back…
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What is DAB+?

DAB+ is the most widely adopted digital radio standard worldwide, on-air in more than 40 countries worldwide.

DAB+ uses an advanced and technically robust transmission system. Like other digital technologies, it uses higher frequencies to provide clearer broadcasts at range.

Stations that broadcast DAB+ Digital signals can provide more streams/stations to provide you with more choice and variety.

For more information visit: www.digitalradioplus.com.au.

Can I receive a DAB+ Signal?
Signal coverage varies across Australia. So visit the DAB+ Digital Radio website to check if you can get the signal.
I can't get DAB+ - Can I still use your radios?
All our Digital Radios are bundled with an FM reciever. So you can listen to traditional FM radio where no DAB+ signal is received.
Do I need a Digital Radio to listen to DAB+

In short, yes.  unlike Digital TV where you can leverage a set-top-box.  You will require a Digital Radio to enjoy the benefits of DAB+

What stations are availably in digital?

All commercial and government radio stations are transmitting in the DAB+ format.  So you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite stations on your new radio.  You may also find that your station has a few ‘digital only’ stations to compliment their main station.

You’ll also access completely new stations which cater for specific markets and genres such as.  Coles Radio, Classic Hits, 80’s Retro etc.. Plus pop-up channels which may support a touring act.

For a full list of stations visit digitalradioplus.com.au

What more can a Richter DAB+ radio do?

We offer a wide range of DAB+ Radio features to cater for a variety of uses.  From colour LED screens to showcase album and/or station art on our Core+ ,Dual Alarm Settings on selected Alarm Clock Radios.  Long lasting rechargeable batteries in selected portable radios.  Bluetooth streaming through some radios to turn them into portable speakers.  Plus USB charging for you smartphone or device on the Wake.