KIMBER K7 Pack 12TC Bi-WIRED 3.0 Metre Pair


A pair of ready to go 3.0 meter Kimber 12TC Speaker cables (Bi-Wired at the Speaker end) including pre-terminated Kimber SBAN banana plugs.

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Legendary Musicality Consisting of twenty four individual TCSS conductors, twelve white and twelve clear, arranged in a large format braid. Individual conductors are Hyper-pure copper and utilise Kimber’s proven VariStrand™ conductor geometry. The insulating dielectric is a high pressure-low temperature-extruded FEP. The tonal balance of 12TC is full, rich and powerful while the musical impact and dynamics reveal three-dimensionality and imaging. Although you may notice increased low end performance, the midrange and high frequencies are clear and detailed exhibiting coherency and realism.

Bi-Wire means the cable braid is split at the speaker end and 2 sets of connectors are used.  4-wires go to the treble/mid connectors and 8-wires go to the bass connectors. Perfect for Wizard S6SE and Excalibur S6SE

Australian-terminated with Kimber SBAN Banana plugs.

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Weight1.5 kg

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