Pocket Portable Digital Radio (RR10)

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Take your favourite radio stations on the go with the Richter compact Pocket Portable Digital Radio.

This stylish designer pocket radio boasts a large easy to read LCD display to easily browse, find and play your favourite stations. Inbuilt micro-speaker. You can also listen privately with earphones (included).

There’s no escaping the fact that this is a budget portable digital radio: but it’s perfect if you’re looking for something cheap and decent to take to the match, or into the garden for the match call or race call. For a portable DAB+ radio, it’s hard to beat at this price. Read More © Radioinfo.com.au

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You can now take your digital radio anywhere you want

With the Richter Pocket Portable Digital Radio, you can enjoy your favourite DAB+ or FM Radio Station whilst you’re on the move, at a picnic or just about anywhere you like. Providing you with many more choices than traditional FM Radio. The Richter RR10 Pocket Digital radio boasts a generous 1.4″ LCD display for easy reading with a built-in micro-speaker to enjoy your stations without the need of headphones. The RR10 Pocket Portable Digital radio also comes with a set of personal headphones for private listening.





The Richter RR10 Pocket Portable Digital Radio – fits neatly in the palm of your hand (or pocket) so you can take it virtually anywhere.

DAB+ has many more stations than AM/FM Radio

Your Richter RR10 Pocket Portable Digital Radio provides you with many more radio stations than traditional FM Radio. Whatever you love to listen to – DAB+ digital radio has you covered. To see if you can receive the DAB+ Digital Radio signal or to view the radio station list in your area visit the Commercial Radio Australia website.

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User Manual

Richter Pocket RR10 User Manual

  • Ultra compact pocket sized DAB+ Portable Digital Radio and FM radio receiver with 1.44" Display screen and built in micro-speaker
  • Built-in specially designed high sensitivity telescopic antenna
  • 1000mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Radio Signal Strength Indicator
  • Battery level indicator and battery low flashing warning
  • Selectable multi-language Menu
  • Stereo headphone jack and Micro-USB for power charging (5V, 500mA)
  • Usage time: Approx. 9+ hours (headphone mode) and 6+ hours (speaker mode)
  • Charging time: Approx. 2.5 hours
  • Preset 20 DAB+ & 20 FM stations
  • Sleep Mode from 5mins to 90mins
  • Key Lock function

Radio Dimensions: 52.5w x 92h x 18d mm
Net weight: 80g approx
Ear bud headphones included

15 reviews for Pocket Portable Digital Radio (RR10)

  1. Hilton Katz

    Just purchased mini Dab+ pocket radio
    Extremely happy
    Just wanted to know why the display screen doesn’t stay on when the radio is on It goes off after about 20secs not giving me enough time to read or check anything
    Is it supposed to do this or is there a problem

    • Brian Rodgers

      Yes the display turns off automatically to save the battery life when you touch any button it turns on again but will turnoff approx 20secs after your last button press, if the display stayed on the battery / radio run time would shorten quite a lot.

  2. Ian Fisher (verified owner)

    Great little unit. Sounds great through the ear buds supplied, and even better through headphones. Dab+ reception is fine without extending the aerial which makes it handy while gardening or on the bus. Little ripper.

  3. Phillip Renton

    Beautiful little digital radio. I listen to SBS Chill all day as I’m retired now. Wonderful digital technology put into such a small radio.
    Though one day just after receiving the RR10 the screen scrambled when I pressed one it’s buttons, so I Just turned the RR10 off & back on again & all is operating correctly again.
    I sometimes travel on the bus & take the RR10 with me listening to SBS Chill.
    Richter Company:……how about the next model has a full COLOUR! screen display, that would be awesome!
    Beautiful, love this Digital DAB+ Richter radio.

  4. Gerard

    Bought this dab radio which developed a screen issue. I chose not to use it but came back to it 3 weeks out of warranty. I contacted Richter and they very generously replaced the radio with a new unit. It is excellent and the service and communication with Brian was outstanding. If you are in a digital area this radio is a genuine option at a reasonable price. Be careful of pushing the station preset button for too long as this also is the station scan control and you will lose your preset stations. Thank you Richter for your product and support.

    • Brian Rodgers

      Thanks for the great feedback Gerard, we’re glad we were able to look after you.

  5. Geraldine (verified owner)

    Great little radio.

  6. Malicia

    Lost many Dab stations when re auto scanned. Stations disappeared as signal not very strong. Cute radio but reception not that great for Dab.

  7. Gary Vallance

    Great little radio with a big sound!! Just one question..is the radio meant to turn off intermittently when battery charge is low?

    • Brian Rodgers

      When the battery is low the battery indicator will flash with a red bar and yes it will shut down shortly after that.

  8. Leo

    Excellent product for its price. Only one concern: What if my headphone gets broken or antenna gets broken? It seems the shop has no replacement, and if that’s the case, I would have to throw it away and buy a new unit?

    • Brian Rodgers

      Leo you can replace the headphones as they are a standard 3.5mm plug in so no issues there, we also carry replacement aerials so if you break it, we can also repalce it.

  9. Hugh D’Arcy

    Great little digital radio. Fit any headphones to it and the sound quality is excellent. Listening through the speaker is fine also. Very portable, light, easy to use. With headphones excellent battery life and very good even with higher volume speaker use. Can listen quietly all night without issue on one battery charge, I guess you get around 8 to 10 hours +. The telescoping antenna is very good but it would benefit from an ability to place it at any angle rather than just straight up. The only gripe, not a major one, is the volume control. It really needs to increment and decrement with additional levels so that volume can be, in particular, lower. This would accommodate backing off the louder stations when preferred. Simply put, you need to be able to turn it down a little more. All up though it’s a cracker of a radio. Highly recommended.

    • Brian Rodgers

      Thanks for the positive feedback Hugh, we will also look into making further adjustments in the software in the next production run to increase the volume steps.

  10. Micheal Reeves (verified owner)

    Just bought another two so I’ve got a spare as I lost the original one I picked up at office works on a whim about a year ago. Love the product, very sturdy (must’ve dropped mine more than a few times) good reception due to dedicated antenna. I work around a lot of electrical which normally screws the portables that use the headphones as an antenna. Never used the headphones that it comes with so no comment there. Love the Aussie touch of g’day and see ya. Perfect size and battery life for me, easily lasts the day at work. Very happy with it.

  11. Mariese

    Excellent value, great for listening talk back or easy music. Excellent value for money sound clear as size excellent for walking, love this pocket digital radio

  12. Stephen Rice (verified owner)

    I used it to replace my pocket AM/FM as I enjoy listening to ABC Perth, otherwise only available on AM or ABC Listen App on my iPhone; AM is much lower clarity and while the Listen App is clear, music on ABC Perth and local radio is available only in mono, not stereo. The digital radio has 20 digital radio and 20 FM presets, many more than the Sangean which has only 10 presets per band.

    Having the earphones acting as an aerial means that reception has been strong as I walk and jog around the hills of Kalamunda. Reviews on the Sangean indicate that it doesn’t have this feature and that the aerial has to be extended; I wouldn’t like that. It is light and doesn’t jiggle out of my pocket as did my iPhone while jogging.

    This is a great little radio and I love it!

  13. Merridy Malin (verified owner)

    I love my little richter pocket radio. With the earphones in, the sound is crystal clear and rich. Without the earphones, it’s still pretty good for such a tiny radio. (I can hear it in the shower.) I did have a bit of trouble learning how to select stations but once it was explained to me, it’s as easy as pie.

  14. David Webb (verified owner)

    An improvement on the Bush personal DAB+ radio it appears to be based on. More volume control, you can turn the audio down to a lower level than was possible with the Bush, high quality earbuds. I recommend this Richter personal radio highly.

  15. D1n0_man

    Very happy!…Being a person who travels a lot, I always look for the lightest, smallest and most practical of items to put into my case. This radio ticks all those boxes, and for such a small radio it pumps out some volume, also took it out on the boat yesterday fishing in in Moreton bay no problems!

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